Learn more about the Future of EV & an introduction to Polestar

The Danish Chamber of Commerce China invites you to join their upcoming event titled ‘The Future of EV & An Introduction to Polestar’ on 17 March.

More about the event, DCCC writes:

Much has been written about the e-mobility transformation of the automotive industry. Renowned consulting firm McKinsey estimates that by 2035 the largest automotive markets (EU, US, and China) will be fully electric. There is no denying that the electric revolution is unstoppable and electric cars are the future of the automotive industry.

On the consumer side, the rapid shift to electrification means that EVs are no longer just competing against each other, but also against internal combustion engines. Just building an electric car is no longer enough ─ it needs to withstand the same market forces as any other product. This means that the same buying criteria apply to EVs, such as design, technology, safety, and quality.

What will the future of EVs look like? Join us as we visit Polestar’s location in Jing’an to find out more about the cars they are producing as well as their idea of what we can expect in the years to come.

Find more information and sign up here

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