NIO to sell EVs in Denmark and Sweden in 2022

After selling to its local market for years, the Chinese EV manufacturer selected Norway as the company’s first foreign market most likely due to the Nordic country being a testbed for electric automobiles. But now NIO has revealed that Denmark and Sweden are amongst the manufacturer’s list of countries to expand to in 2022.

Media Autoevolution writes that Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands will be the next countries to get the NIO’s ES8 and ET7 in 2022 and also NIO Power Swap 2.0 stations.

According to Autoevolution, because Sweden is right next to Norway and the two countries share the most extended border extensions, the country is a natural choice for NIO.

Because Denmark is connected with both Sweden and Germany, it will be NIO’s biggest market in Europe and therefore a sensible move for the Chinese EV maker to place power stations there, Autoevolution writes.

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