Sweden’s Storytel platform launches in Thailand

The Swedish digital book and audiobook platform Storytel has recently launched in Thailand as part of the company’s aggressive international acquisitions and expansion, Publisher Weekly reports.

Storytel’s platform has over 1,540,600 paying subscribers globally, with the majority of nearly 1 million located in the Nordic region but the numbers of subscribers in Asia, Europe, and Latin America more than doubled in 2020 with an increase of 58 percent over 2019.

Storytel is available in more than 20 countries and the company fuels expansion through the acquisition of new businesses. Recently Storytel took over Nordic audiobook production company Earselect AB and acquired Swedish publishing house Lind & Co., and Storytel also absorbed Arabic audiobook company Kitab Sawti and Israel’s audiobook producer iCast last year.

In Thailand, Storytel offers a 14 days free trial and a 299 THB per month subscription with access to thousands of books right on your smartphone.

Find more information about Storytel Thailand here

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