Tibetan leader thanks Sweden for arresting alleged spy

Tibetan community leader Jamyang Choedon has thanked Sweden for arresting the Tibetan who allegedly was spying on fellow exiles for China.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms. Choedon said that the Swedish actions “could be an example for other countries.” She told the BBC the small community was “really shocked and a bit scared” when the news of the alleged spy broke.

The alleged spy was arrested on Wednesday the 11th by Swedish authorities. His name is Dorjee Gyantsan and has denied all charges according to his lawyer.

According to the charges the espionage took place between 2015-2017. Here Mr. Gyantsan allegedly met with a Chinese official in Poland on several occasions and upon his arrest when returning from Warsaw, Mr. Gyantsan was carrying a briefcase of $6.000.

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