Scandinavian embassies wishes Thailand a happy Songkran

The water has slowly dried from the streets and people are returning to the cities after the yearly trip to their family in the country side (which also means that the traffic will soon again be terrible).

All over Facebook the embassies have lined up to wish the people of Thailand a happy Songkran and the Scandinavian embassies are no exeption.

The team of the Danish embassy was gathered on the lawn on April 12th for a celebtratory moment, which can be seen here.

The Swedish ambassador, Staffan Herrström, held a small speech from the top of a roof somewhere in Bangkok, naturally dressed in the almost obligatory floral shirts of Songkran.

The Norwegian embassy handled things a little differently. In this case a small ceremony was held where the staff of the embassy poured perfumed water over the hands of Norwegian Ambassador, Kjetil Paulsen:

Photo: The Norwegian Embassy in Thailand

The Finnish Embassy in Thailand took the same approach with a ceremony consisting of blessings and perfumed water:

Photo: Finnish Embassy in Thailand

Yesterday marked the final day of the Songkran celebrations, which means that it is now the year 2561. Most of the embassies will remain closed until Wednesday the 18th of April.

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