​Wanted: Ambitious Danish telemarketers

>Hamid Ijazm, Sales Manager at Alpine Sale in Thailand is challenging ambitious Danish talents in telemarketing to attend two “Boot Camps” that Alpine Sale is arranging in Thailand in January and February 2015.

“Who wants to be part of our team forming the telemarketing company for the future?” he asks.

“There are still a few places left for the January camp and ten for the one starting in February. Applicants should present their reason for wanting to be part of our team,” says Hamid, who will be staying in Denmark up until 8 January 20165.

Hamid Ijazm’s mission is to handpick the best talents among those who feel challenged. Those who are selected will be paid salaries during the education period. But only those with a strong urge to be part of building something great and an insatiable thirst for self-improvement need apply!

Those applying should be willing to commit to a year. Minimum age for applicants is 21 years.

“We give them two months, where they have to show their skills and are paid meanwhile. But the main reason anyone should join is for the education,” Hamid Ijazm points out.

Alpine Sale is based in Thailand, but offers future possibilities for Europe as well. The business is expanding at a fast but steady rate. Many requests are turned down due to being a value-based company. Setting up a base in Copenhagen is in the works and a sales opportunity will be started in Germany, too.

“Our Boot Camp in Thailand will be the starting point for all new aspiring students, and they can look forward to a period with training and coaching by our experienced team leaders. It will be an intense course, but simultaneously also exciting, educational and above all fun. The goal of the Alpine Sale Boot Camp is to give each student the tools needed to be successful in sales and customer service.”

“We also hire a physical trainer and include some mental training during our Boot Camps.”

“This is not only a job but also an education, while they are making money. Some that move on become very successful! And our success rate is great, after six months we still have half of them with us.”

Alpine Sale is determined to change the perception of telemarketing as we know it. The company is based around modern leaders and employees who all have loads of relevant experience from the telemarketing sector, having the vision to grow into Denmark’s most innovative telemarketing firm.

“Currently, with 35 people and growing, we are selling the cloud-based product Trustbox and Modstrøm, Denmark’s first independent climate-friendly energy company,” Hamid explains..

“We want to change the general perception of telemarketing, which is often misunderstood, by empowering our employees with education. We want the quality we are giving to customers to shine through when our people call out to B2B and B2C customers. We have a whole quality department, making quality checks too.”

We don’t have a specific target group but welcome people looking for a great opportunity with a fast-growing company. We have lots of different jobs, customer service, support etc.

“We are looking for individuals with the right mindset and interest to develop themselves. Those joining us also discuss together and come to the management with ideas. A lot of what is happening right now is based on the employees, how can we make it work for everybody.”

Interested persons should contact::

Hamid Ijaz

Sales Manager, Alpine Sale

Mobile: +45 69906363

Mail: [email protected]

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