Danish Politicians Continue Talks with Vietnam before Heading to Indonesia

Mogens Lykketoft, Chairman of the Danish Parliament and the four Vice Chairmen, continue their visit in Vietnam before leaving for Indonesia on Wednesday. The task in Vietnam is to strengthen the cooperation between the Danish Parliament and the National Assembly in Vietnam.

“The issues in our talks with the Vietnamese officials are developing the work of justice, and to assure that Danish companies investing in Vietnam have the right to own the factory and the land they purchase. Furthermore the women’s rights in Vietnam have to be improved,” says Mogens Lykketoft, Chairman of the Danish Parliament and continues.

“In 2015 the Danish economic development support for Vietnam comes to an end. That’s because Vietnam now has a better economy and the country can survive without economic aid from other countries. Now we cooperate about human right, justice and especially women rights.”

The political management of the Danish Parliament counts Mogens Lykketoft, Betel Harder, Soren Espersen, Marianne Jelved and Holger K. Nielsen. The general Manager of the Parliament, Carsten U. Larsen, also joined the political board in the tour.

On the upcoming tour to Indonesia Mogens Lykketoft says.

“Indonesia is a democracy and Muslim country. We want to see this combination work, and we want to improve the work between the Danish Parliament and the Indonesian assembly.

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