The Danish Ambassador Visits Phuket

The Danish Ambassador, Mikael Hemniti Winther visited the Governor of Phuket to raise issues of concern in particular from Danish Tourists in Phuket. The visit took place Monday 26 march.

According to the Royal Danish Embassy, the two had a good discussion and the Governor was very well aware of the large number of Danish people enjoying holidays in Phuket every year and also the problems that some of them encounters.

The Ambassador also had an opportunity to meet a large group of Danish people living in Phuket. The honorary consul, Mr. Kenneth B. Karlsson had managed to gather more than 70 Danish people in Phuket Town. They got an opportunity to seriously grill the Ambassador with many types of questions, including about visas for Thai citizens to Denmark, the issuance of passports and driving license and general service from the Embassy. There were also a lively discussion about control of social pensions and registration on the Danish Citizens list (dansker liste) and protection of privacy.

“The Ambassador himself got a good impression of the great variety of Danish people who have chosen to live in the wonderful island of Phuket and appreciated the feedback from the users of the Embassy’s service,” writes the Royal Danish Embassy

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