FBCS Luncheon Seminar with Rewir

The Finnish Business Council in Shanghai invited on Wednesday 18 April Mr. Martin Stenberg, Country Manager of the Swedish Company, Rewir, to share his thoughts on how a solid brand strategy can help a company in tough times to succeed.

Mr. Stenberg advised the companies in China on building competitive advantages based on a clear cut positioning and value proposition, and taking consequent actions to drive market perception.

“The companies should aim at becoming irreplaceable instead of only being on the market,” he said.

During the seminar, Mr. Stenberg referred branding as the sum of all associations people currently have to your name, logotype or other branded attributes.

A brand effects companies’ top and bottom line directly and this, companies should focus on how to face the brand challenges.

Mr. Stenberg recommended companies to define their lifecycle value, total cost of ownership and return on investment for their customers. He added that for different customers the knowledge of lifecycle value is different.

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Stenberg suggested companies to differentiate their offering by investing in communication and optimize the brand portfolio.

If you wish to have a strong presence in the Chinese market in future years to come, you had better start working on your branding today, if not sooner” – Martin Stenberg, Rewir”

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