Delivery of New Drilling Rig for Norwegian-Chinese Cooperation

China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) recently celebrated the delivery of a new drilling rig called ‘COSL Promoter’.  The deep-water semi-submersible rig with high content of Norwegian technology was delivered by CIMC Raffles.
Sharing the same design as COSLPioneer and COSLInnovator which were acquired for operation since 2008, COSL Promoter is the third drilling rig to work on a 8-year contract with Statoil in the Norwegian North Sea.
The order contract for building the 4th rig called COSL Prospector, which can work in harsher eventronments, was already signed. The investment enhances the Norwegian-Chinese cooperation in the field of advanced offshore engineering.
Norwegian offshore market is currently the largest market in the world as several large discoveries of oil and gas were done there last year, both in the High North and among the developed oil fields in the North Sea.

Norway is the second largest gas exporter and the 8th largest oil exporter in the world.
The Norwegian Ambassador to China, Svein Saether, participated in this celebration in Yantai city. 

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