MNBC held Seminar on Developing and Managing Human Capital in Malaysia

The Malaysian Norway Business Council, MNBC conducted a half day seminar session at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday June 12 that focused on Skills Development and Talent Management in Malaysia. Some 40 representatives from various institutions and industry players attended the seminar.

The main purpose was to create awareness of industry needs and government programs leading to tight and mutually beneficial relationships between the government and private sector industry.

To accomplish this, MNBC had invited speakers from the Malaysian government, the competence industry by a consultancy company specializing in training aspects and skills development and finally two publically listed companies in need for skilled and knowledge based workers.

The agenda was basically related to the following key questions:

– Developing human capital in Malaysia – how can the industry, educational institutions and government work together to grow a quality workforce?
– Aligning talent development with national standards – how can the industry better utilise the government framework for skills development to ensure quality and consistency?
– Structured competence management – how can employers obtain a better picture of skills across their workforce?

The target audience included HR managers and other key clientele involved in talent management and HR strategy such as head of departments and managers responsible for defining competence requirements and job profiles.

“With 2020, when Malaysia is looking to become an industrialized nation in our minds, the 7.5 years left to go will require a structured implementation of skills and talent development and as the wheels of the economic transformation program is in full swing, it’s essential that governmental institutions and the private sectors manage to coordinate and work together in a consistent and structure manner,” says Oyvind Bjorkhaug, President and Chairman of MNBC.

The feedback from the audience clearly showed that the seminar was very appropriate and timely and that there is a need for highlighting the above issues and make sure that an effective coordination between the specific Government Initiatives, Competence development players and the Knowledge based industry take place.

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