Midsummer and Sankt Hans Celebration in Pattaya

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Pattaya held a Sankt Hans and Midsummer party in their own courtyard on Saturday, 23 June 2012 which was attended by approximately 105 guests.

The party began around 6pm with hot dogs being grilled on sticks, which was an enjoyable moment for the kids, meanwhile the adults got to barbecuing chops.

The cozy atmosphere was followed by some singing and quizzing, but the highlight of the evening was when Mr. Hans Dragnes entertained all with his accordion setting the mood as a good and memorable Midsummer for the Norwegian residents in Pattaya.

To make the little ones more aware of the traditional celebration, Pastor Arne Svilosen told the guests who Sankt Hans was.

“It was a very enjoyable evening for both children and adults with coffee and cakes provided by the church’s kitchen at the end of the evening,” said the church’s assistant Hans Konrad Nyvoll.

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