Chinese and Swedish artists meet in contemporary art

Seven Chinese and four Swedish artists come together in contemporary art. The exhibition Bridges II, aims to investigate how artistic work between two cultures can increase understanding between them. A number of barriers, linguistic, cultural and institutional need to be bridged.

But not all barriers have been bridged with this exhibition. One of the seven Chinese artists, Sun Guojuan, has been denied entry to Sweden by the Swedish Immigration Board. And the reason for denying her entry? She is of North Korean origin. Sun Guojuan displays a work, documenting her attempts to get a visa to Sweden to participate in the exhibition. Her work will be present, but she will be absent.

The six Chinese artists, who have been granted entry in Sweden, will together with there Swedish peers show works on a range of themes, among them communication, cultural identity, language, characters and concepts which are universal. Others are about the relationship between the individual and the collective. In the two exhibition weeks the artists will work at both joint and individual works

The exhibition Bridges II, takes place in two locations, Bror Hjorths Husand and Uppsala Art Museum. It runs from first of September to October 14th  2012 at both museums. Opening Day Saturday, 1 September begins with the opening at 14.00 at Bror Hjorth House and then continues at 15.30 at Uppsala Art Museum where mayor Mohamad Hassan gives the opening address. Representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm participate.

The artists : Lou Fei, He Libin, Lei Yan, Su Yabi, Cheng Liangchun, Guo Peng, Sun Guojuan, Anders Rönnlund, Johan Fremling, Kajsa Haglund, Sanne Sihm.

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