Norwegian Satire in Chinese language

“They all love each other and they all love the customers. And all the customers are perfect too. And they’re all the same. Just like the bosses; the same”.

“Team Player” by Norwegian playwright Oda Fiskum is a hilarious satire on chain-stores. It tells the story of a young man getting a job in large coffee shop chain. At the upcoming Beijing Fringe Festival the play will be presented for first time in Chinese language by Elephant in the room Theatre. 

“They all love each other and they love their bosses and they love their employees, but most importantly, they love YOU. Would you like something to drink with that? If you sign up for a VIP card we’ll give you 10% off on your next purchase at any of our stores. Thank you, and have a nice day.”

The play received great reviews when it was performed by Fronteiras Theatre Lab at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Oscar French wrote in Broadway Baby:

“Kristofor Bate had the audience in hysterics as the applicant, plunged into a world of skinny decaf lattes and membership cards. Mercilessly attacking giant multinational corporations in a small, dingy basement is Fringe theatre at its purest. “

Elephant in the Room Theatre started as a group of European and Chinese students from the Beijing Central Academy of Drama gone rouge in 2009. Since then they have done several theatre productions in Beijing, and worked with various institutions here and abroad, including the Beijing Fringe Festival, The Odin Theatre, and the National Theatre of Scotland.

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