Thailand urges its labour to berry-pick in Scandinavia

Thai Labour Minister Padermchai Sasomsap has encouraged Thai labours to work in the Scandinavian countries during their berry harvesting season, assuring approximately 100,000 baht monthly income.

Padermchai has disclosed Labour Ministry’s annual performance on Tuesday in which sending Thai labours to work abroad has become one of the Ministry’s main strategies.

According to the Minister, 60,000 Thais are registered to be working as berry-pickers in the Scandinavian countries.

“Thai labours have outdone other nationalities at work because they collect berries the most,” said Padermchai .

“In Sweden, Thai labours are being sought-after because they are hard-working and honest.

“It’s a sign that the Swedes have good attitude towards Thai labours, thus we should continue to expand the relationship and job opportunities in the country,” he added.

The Minister also stated that the Ministry’s strict regulations to prevent unfair treatment from recruitment agencies will assure the labours that they will be looked after and are guaranteed of an approximately 100,000 monthly income.

“Thai labours will return home after 3 months with 300,000 baht in their pockets,” he said.

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