Norwegian anti-corruption experts held a workshop in Vietnam

Jesper Johnsøn and Aled Williams, advisors at CMI’s U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre recently organized a workshop on anti-corruption approaches for natural resource management in Hanoi. Representatives from the Vietnamese government and civil society organizations as well as international donors were present.

CMI confirm that corruption is widespread in Vietnam, and natural resource sectors are particularly susceptible, due to the huge potential for personal benefits, power in the hands of an elite or a limited number of interest groups, combined with weak monitoring and reporting systems. In Vietnam, the mining industry, land management and forest governance have been identified as particular areas of concern.

Corruption is impairing further economic growth in Vietnam and it has become a serious concern and priority area for the government, recently adopting a national strategy on anti- corruption. Vietnam are currently also discussing possible participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), and the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade is working on a pre-feasibility report on the country’s EITI participation. Norway has long had good governance and anti-corruption among its focus areas, and continues to support these areas, especially through the One UN. Read more about the One UN here. 

To read more about the workshop and anti-corruption approaches for natural resource management see CMIs own webpage, here.

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