Danish Consul assisting in boat accident

“I cannot see there are any typical Danish names on the list of people not yet accounted for,” Danish Consul Ulrik Holt Sorensen told ScandAsia from Koh Samui where he was standing next to the recovered boat.      The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok had decided to send Danish Consul Ulrik Holt Sorensen to Koh Samui to assist in the rescue and identification operation after the boat accident off the coast of Koh Samui as it was possible there might have been Danes on board the boat as well.      “We have decided to send one staff to Koh Samui although we still have hopes that no Danish nationals are among the victims,” Ambassador Ulrik Helweg-Larsen says.      At the time of Mr. Sorensen’s departure, it was known that seventeen people were still missing and that the bodies of three unidentified foreigners had been retrieved from the sea.      The list, which Ulrik Holt Sorensen was looking at contained names of some twenty foreign nationals who reportedly participated in the full moon party on Koh Pa Ngan and might have been on the boat.

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