Danish students invent the system for mobile phones

Three students at Aalborg University in northern Jutland have invented a groundbreaking security system which can prevent computer viruses from infecting mobile phones. The system, Umbrella, ensures that no unknown programmes such as computer viruses can run on mobile phones and thus removes the risk of them spreading to other phones.
     Umbrella has already gained international attention from giants such as Sony, Philips and IBM. In the next few weeks, it is expected that Panasonic will enter a contract with Aalborg University, and the three students will subsequently be employed by the university. Later in January, the new product will be presented to a number of companies in California.
     Umbrella has been made for the operating system Linux, but can be adapted to work with Windows and on the most widespread operating system for mobile phones, Symbian. The news is reported by national newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

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