Nordic Charters Return to Phuket

Phuket based news agency Phuketgazette reported that the charter flights from Nordic countries flying to Phuket has made a good record on this high season.
         Mr. Torben Andersen, head of information of My Travel Airways in Copenhagen, noted that ticket selling in Denmark is 10-15% more than at the same time last year, while in Sweden My Travel Airways is selling better than before the tsunami.
         “Many airlines which stopped flying to Phuket after the tsunami have currently 46 landings and take-offs every day – or more than 300 a week.”
         According to the Phuket Tourist Association, there are now 50 per cent of hotel bookings which they expect to reach 80-90 per cent during the New Year to end of March.
         “The charter airlines are returning to Phuket, and we believe that most of the passengers are plain tourists; those coming here for the tsunami commemorations are only a small percentage.”

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