Sweden Honors Tsunami Victims with Vigils

In Stockholm, Swedes paid tribute to all the victims in Tsunami disaster on Monday 26. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia lighted 543 candles – one for each of the Swedish victims.
         Along the Indian Ocean disaster zone, Sweden suffered the heaviest lost with 526 confirmed dead and 17 still missing. Most of the Swedish victims died at Thai beach resorts; Phuket and Khao Lak, where lot tourists love to have sunbath and enjoy nice tropical weather that different from cold Scandinavian winter.
         National broadcaster SVT dedicated all programming on its second channel to the anniversary with live coverage from vigils in both Sweden and Thailand.
         “The catastrophe entered our homes, ripped apart our families, and cut emotional wounds that won’t fully heal” The Parliament Speaker Björn von Sydow told hundreds of mourners in the Tsunami memorial ceremony in Stockholm, according to AP.
         Björn von Sydow also praised the efforts by volunteers, especially Thais who helped battered and disoriented European tourists to safety.
         “On behalf of the Parliament and the Swedish people, I want to thank the Thai people for the self-sacrificial and in many cases lifesaving efforts during the catastrophe,we will never forget it.”

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