Danes Keep Their Cool

There were no bullets fired, no blood spilled. Yet, although the sun set Tuesday on a peacefully executed military coup in Bangkok, people across Thailand woke up to an insecure and instable political situation on Wednesday. The military may have flexed their muscles quietly, yet the uncertainty of things to come is evident as all eyes turn to Thailand.
     In the midst of this peaceful instability, the 3,000 Danish tourists and 1,500 Danish residents who are cur-rently believed to be in Thailand seem to be unshaken by the unfolded events. In Copenhagen, the Danish Foreign Ministry were prepared to receive phone calls from bewildered countrymen, yet not one single call has been registered from Danes in Thailand. Following a series of dramatic global events in the previous years, this does not surprise Mr. Lars Thuesen, who is head of the Foreign Ministry’s service office for Danes abroad.
     “Danes have generally become more tough and realistic. They have begun to put things into perspective and to compare events to other risks, such as the risk involved with conducting themselves in traffic. They are not easily frightened anymore,” Lars Thuesen tells Danish daily Politiken.

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