Thai Airways Discriminates Non-Thais in Denmark

You are not allowed to receive special discounts on Thai Airways flights based on the fact that you are from Thailand or married to a Thai citizen. Such discounts are acts of discrimination based on ethnic origin, concludes the official Danish Human Rights’ organ, the so-called Complaint Committee for Ethnic Equal Rights. The committee has carried out an investigation of the price policy of Thai Airways following a documentary on Danish television, which revealed that the price for a plane ticket with Thai Airways depends on where you come from.

As it is today, you are given a discount if you are from Thailand or if you are married to someone who is. Such discounts are against the Danish legislation, which rules that people must not be treated differently based on ethnic origin.

In addition to these discounts, Thai Airways in Denmark has also been giving discounts to members of the organization “Thai-Dansk Forening for Jylland og Fyn”, where you also need to be Thai or be associated with a Thai person to achieve a membership.

“A demand for membership of a special organization is also against the law, when the membership requires a specific ethnic origin of a person,” states the Complaint Committee for Ethnic Equal Rights in an official press release.

So far, Thai Airways in Denmark has not wished to comment on the conclusion of the committee.

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