Danish and Vietnamese Break-dancers to Collaborate

The cultural development and exchange fund, CDEF, which is established by the Danish embassy, supports a project of collaboration between some of the best Danish and Vietnamese break-dancers. The dancers will do shows and a workshop together in Vietnam in November.
The break-dancer project is intended to facilitate an exchange of ideas between some of the best break-dancers from Denmark and Vietnam, when eight Danish break dancers come to Vietnam in November. The Danish break-dancers come from a dancing association called “To the Beat” managed by Sune Pejtersen and Paolo Pedersen.
“To the Beat” has existed since 2001 and is not only a dancing school but also a meeting place for dancers of different ethnic backgrounds and dancing skills.
During their stay in Vietnam the Danish and Vietnamese dancers will put together a show, which they will present during the week of “Denmark at it’s best” in November in the cities of Hanoi and Da Nang.
Both in Denmark and Vietnam the break dance scene is at a very high, professional level. The dancing styles evolved in the two countries are however very different from one other, which is why, collaborating can be very inspiring for both parties.
The cultural development and exchange fund, CDEF, has previously granted funding for flying in dancers from the Vietnamese group “Big Toe” to take part in the break dance competition called “Floor Wars” in Copenhagen.
CDEF and the Danish embassy hope to replicate this success of intercultural exchange to unite the Vietnamese and Danish break dance scene and present a unique show to the public.

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