Mysterious Swedish Vagabond Woman in Pattaya

The news portal on Wednesday 27 February reported on a 40 year old Swedish woman who has been living as a vagabond on the streets of Pattaya for several months.
According to information which the website had gained from her, it appears she had a relationship with a Thai man who ended the partnership some time ago, leaving the woman will little money and nowhere to live. She drinks heavily and sleeps on the street.
The Swedish Embassy has been contacted on numerous occasions in relation to her current situation and she has been picked-up by the Tourist Police and Pattaya Police on a number of occasions as well. Despite this, she remains on the streets.
On Monday Night local police was called in when she was spotted on a bench in Naklua. The local police asked the Tourist Police to collect her.
“It appears though, that she will be released back on to the streets to continue her life as a homeless foreigner in Thailand despite pleas from local Thai and Foreign residents of Pattaya to help her and send her back to Sweden where she can receive welfare support,” the website reported. 
If readers of ScandAsia know more of the identity and whereabouts of the woman, please contact or provide the information in the comment box below. 

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