Exiled Aceh Leader Reported To Return

The highest leader of Free Aceh Movement Tengku Muhammad Hasan Tiro was reported to return to the country from exile in Sweden.
    Aceh Transition Committe an organization formed after the post-tsunami peace treaty between the government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) said on Sunday they are forming a security task force consisted former GAM combatants to secure the movement founder.
    The committee said Hasan Tiro planned on arriving in the province on October 11th, and they have initiate a coordination with Aceh Police.
    Chief Aceh Regional Police Force Inspector General Rimawan said his force will not conduct a special operation to secure Hasan Tiro, saying Hasan was only a foreign citizen visiting the country, however General Rimawan said he will deploy a monitoring task force to observe Hasan’s homecoming.
    The GAM founder lived in Stockholm Sweden since 1980 after leading insurgency to seek independence from Indonesia. He is a heir to Sultans of Aceh.

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