Subcontractors Screen Visa Applications

Denmark get 90,000 visa applications every year. The Danish Foreign of foreign affairs has “privatized” preliminary investigations of visa applicants from India and Russia.
The last six months, The Danish Foreign of foreign affairs has outsourced screening of visa applications for visas to Denmark to private firms in India and Russia, writes the Danish travel site
The private companies are looking in particular after whether the visa applications are filled out correctly and if they contain the required information’s.
“If the new scheme turned out as a success, it may be extended to the ten countries from which we get most visa applications,” said the head of the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Services, Ambassador Lars Thuesen, at a meeting for members of the Pacific Asia Travel Association Denmark.
Russia has 15,000 annual applications the largest bunch of applications for visas to Denmark – from tourist visas to work visas.

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