Danish Style Stars In Singapore

These days, though, with the economic downturn, style is not the only focus of home owners.
   Affordability is a major issue too, said Mr Yung Ong, director of Danish furniture chain Bo- Concept, which opened its 650-sq-m store here last month.
   He added: ‘But there is also a growing need for furniture that can serve more than one function and save space, while still looking beautiful in terms of design.’
   BoConcept’s dining chairs start from below $300, while extendable dining tables begin from $3,000. A two-seater sofa starts from $2,000. Not quite Ikea prices, but they’re not that far off.    According to Ms Susie Tay, chief executive officer of homegrown furniture label TheLife- Shop, Singaporeans are also leaning more towards artistic furniture.
   ‘While furniture pieces still need to serve their basic utilitarian functions, expressive pieces – complemented by artsy interior settings – can create aesthetic gravity and add a strong personality to homes,’ she said.


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