Ambassadors hail New Dawn Of Stability

The diplomatic corps in Bangkok welcome the new government. But diplomats warned that success in restoring domestic and international confidence depended largely on sound economic policy and a return of stability to the country.
    Finnish ambassador Lars Erik Backstrom said a government that could provide stability was a good administration and preferred by all partners.
    The most challenging tasks ahead for Thailand were to cope with the impact of the global financial crisis, and to attract investors.
    “It depends on how good the economic policies of the new government are,” Mr Backstrom said.
    The new government must find ways to bridge the division in society. He said reconciliation was the key to stability.
    Argentine ambassador Felipe Frydman said it was pleasing that Thailand’s problem could finally be solved in parliament.    He hoped Thai people would respond to the initiatives of the Democrat-led government to solve the nation’s problems.
    Diplomats agreed Thais needed to give the new government a chance to work and to host the delayed Asean summit.

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