Linda’s Norwegian Restaurant In Jomtien

Having a fondness for Scandinavian cuisine we were delighted to be invited to one of the best in town – Linda’s, located on Thappraya Road as one approaches the Hanuman Statue in Jomtien.  
    This very inviting restaurant serves up some really tasty international and specialty Norwegian dishes courtesy of Managing Director, Linda Eiksund herself and that extra touch of imaginative flair from her Norwegian executive chef, Per Mogstab.   
    Linda’s is spacious with unashamedly elegant decor to compliment such a fine restaurant, writes tha Pattaya tabloid Pattaya People. 
    Linda’s staff and service is impeccable, from the moment one enters to the time one leaves, all adding to an exceptional meal experience.   The menu is well laid out offering a range of Breakfasts from 129 baht for Continental with Fried Eggs, Ham and Cheese to 260 baht for Norwegian style with Smoked Salmon, Caviar, Ham and Cheese. 
    Throughout the day one can enjoy a selection of snacks including sandwiches with Ciabatta or Baguette bread from 160 to 245 baht. There is also a range of 12 unusual Pizza recipes from 295 to 395 baht.   Being Scandinavian in flavour, one should try one of Linda’s specialties, Norwegian Open Sandwiches such as Leverposti with Liver Pate, Bacon, Beetroot and Gherkin (230 baht) or Biff Smorbrod (280 baht) for Beef Tenderloin with Fried Onions. Apart from the ala carte menu Linda’s offers a 3 course set dinner at 390 baht; this week offering Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Beef Steak and Creme Caramel.  
    There is a good selection of homemade Soups from 195 baht for Cauliflower to 230 baht for Norwegian Beef Soup and specialty Appetizers such as the Chef’s homemade Pate (195 baht) to 280 baht for a traditional Norwegian style Herring Platter.
     The main course section offers a full range of Meat, Fish and Seafood dishes such as Garlic Lamb (360 baht), Grilled or Poached Salmon with Shrimps (380 baht) or for a real extravagant choice King Lobster, grilled, poached or served Thermidor (Cheese and White Wine Sauce);  all at 1190 baht. 
    To experience authentic Norwegian dishes try Linda’s Norsk Mat (Norwegian recipes).  From 320 baht for Flesk I Duppe (Fried Pork in White Sauce) to 495 baht for Bacalao, a specialty Fish recipe!  To top this, Chef Per has daily Norwegian specialty dishes ranging from Monday’s offering of Boiled Beef, Onion Sauce and Vegetable Soup to Sunday’s Svinesteak Med Surkal (Roast Pork with Sour Cabbage).  Linda’s also offers a very good selection of interesting Thai recipes from 190 to 250 baht.
    And so to the tasting!  We started with the Herring Platter, a colourful and extremely tasty selection of 4 styles of Herring fillet with Brown Bread and Butter.  This was accompanied by a first class Norwegian Fish Soup, made with Cream, Chives and Norwegian Salmon (220 baht). This was followed by another appetizer, Marinated Salmon with Mustard Sauce (230 baht).  
    Then it was on to the Fish course.  One of Chef Per’s favourite recipes, Bacalao, being a thick Fish and Vegetable stew with a rather unique flavour and very tasty. Followed by top class Fish Balls in White Sauce (360 baht), a house specialty, light fluffy and delicate flavoured Fish Quenelles served with a delicious Bacon relish accompaniment. 
    From the meat section we tried the Mixed Grill, offering chunks of quality Beef, Pork and Lamb Fillet on a skewer and served with Bearnaise Sauce. Delicious!  
    Then last but not least we had to try one of Linda’s Sweet Temptations and the Norwegian style Hot Apple Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (165 baht) was spot on – an excellent slice of Spiced Apple Pie dessert to finish the meal.
    Linda’s offers a very good selection of liqueurs, cocktails, beers and international wines.  We tried an excellent French Chablis Chauvenet (2,300 baht) and an equally top quality Italian Merlot Reserve (1,180 baht).
    They also provide a very decent Italian house wine at 630 baht a litre and195 baht a glass!

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