Finland to Vietnam: Export to Europe Trough Us

Finland could be the road to Europe for Vietnamese goods and services, so it is wise to look up north if you plan to enter the European marked. This is the advice from Helsinki’s Commercial Counsellor to Hanoi, Pietro Karjalainen.

By ceremony in the Vietnamese capital earlier this week he launched the book titled, “Exports to Finland”. The purpose of the book is to help Vietnam’s businesses gain a greater understanding of the Finnish market and the standards and regulations governing imported goods. And according to the Counsellor it would help them in the planning of strategies for long-term market access. Vietnam should therefore focus on the export of food and hi-tech equipment, because it already has the attention of Finnish consumers.

Trade between Vietnam and Finland had increased despite the volatile global economy, and Pietro Karjalainen believes that this trend will persist.

“We pledge to continue providing conditions favourable to co-operation in trade and investment,” the he said.

The Industry and Trade Ministry reports that co-operation in trade and investment between Vietnam and Finland has grown at a yearly 40 percent.

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