Finland expands cultural cooperation with Vietnam

 A week of Finnish film in Vietnam will begin in Hanoi on April 28 as part of a series of cultural cooperation activities between Vietnam and Finland.

Announcing the Finnish film week in Hanoi to the press on Apr. 20, Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam Pekka Hyvomen said that since 1974, Finland and Vietnam have worked together in the official development assistance field and now Finland hopes to make bilateral relations more versatile, including cultural cooperation. Five well-known films in Finland will be screened during the week, including “Black Ice”, “Ambush”. “Juha”, “Mother of Mine” and “Leaning Tower”. The Finnish films will be showed with English subtitles at the Hanoi Cinema Club. After the film week, in the framework of European Days in Vietnam scheduled to begin on May 9, Finland will hold a piano and cello duo musical performance in Hanoi on May 20 at the French Cultural Centre.

The Finnish Ambassador said that a Vietnamese art exhibition will be held in Helsinki in May and more cultural events will take place during this year.

Earlier in March, the Finnish embassy presented to the public a national epic of Vietnam, Su Thi Con Chau Mon Man (Epics of Mon Man’s Offsping) of author Bui Viet Hoa published by the Cultural Publishing House in cooperation with the Juminkeko fund of Finland.

The compilation of the epic poems commenced in June 2002 with funding from the Finnish Foreign Ministry. The Finnish President described it as a typical project on Finland-Vietnam cultural cooperation. Ambassador Pekka Hyvonen said Finland will fund the translation of the epic poems into English.


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