Danish artist captures Vietnamese women’s lives

Danish photographer Cathrine Dolleris exhibits Vietnamese experiences through “In the eyes of women…” exhibition in Hanoi from April 17 to 28. Being held at the Vietnam Fine Art Association’s office, it features H’Mong, Nung, Dao, Thai, and Khin women living in the northern mountains and places like Thanh Hoa Province and Hanoi. They are shown planting rice, cooking, taking care of their children, going to the market, praying at the pagoda, and doing other daily chores.
The exhibition celebrates the strength of the women who improved the land and the girls who will inherit the land. It is a tribute to the beauty of the women who toil for their existence, families and country.
Catrine Dolleris says raising awareness about poverty and encouraging development is important both to the Western world and Vietnam. Before taking up photography, she worked as a geographer and traveled extensively in South Africa, India, Nepal, and Vietnam. She worked for the NGO CARE International and the Danish embassy in Vietnam, mainly in agriculture and rural development and with ethnic communities.


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