52 Kilometres on a Saturday

Viking Wheelers is a bicycle club in Thailand. There are no membership lists or subscription, so it can be hard to determine how many there are, but the number on an ordinary Saturday trip is typically up to 20 people, but there might be even more on the larger or longer trips . Members of the club come from several parts of Thailand, and they take turns to organize bicycle tours in their own locality. It could for example be a weekend in Pattaya or Hua Hin, and each year the club has also a longer bike ride during December, which would lasts for an entire week.

The bicycle club was founded by Danes, and it is also commonly used by the Danes. But it is not just Danes participating in the trips. The bicycle tour this Saturday was for instance organized by Australian Matthew, who is also a regular part of the team.

The pace is moderate in a way that is both comfortable and possible to talk together, but you can still feel that your legs and thighs are working. This Saturday’s 52 kilometre trip was passed in just over three hours, but it was also including two small breaks where you can chat and be refuelled with cold water.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Viking Wheelers, you can look at vikingwheelers.com. There is guaranteed room for more cyclists on the roads.

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