Danish Composer Wants In on Hanoi’s 1,000th

Text VietNamNet/TN

Danish composer Michael Møller said he wants to write music for the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of Hanoi in October, writes VietNamNet.

“I want to be here to make something, as a Danish presence in Hanoi, for the big celebration,” he told Thanh Nien Weekly as he visited the capital to perform at the Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival March 26-28.
Michael Møller, one of the most famous songwriters in Denmark, said he wants to make a contribution to the traditional cooperation between Vietnam and Demark.
He said he would help bring Vietnamese instruments like the dan Tranh (a 16-chord zither) and dan Bau (monochord) to Demark. “It would be very interesting for Danish musicians to have new instruments.

Moller has worked with all types of European instruments but he said “the dan bau and dan tranh are completely different and really fascinating.”
Michael Møller entered the music scene in 2002 with the band moi Caprice. The band has received numerous award nominations, and in 2007 they won “Best Band” at the Music Critics Award in Denmark.
The band has also toured extensively around the globe and played shows in Hanoi and Buon Ma Thuot in December 2007.

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