Six Scandinavians to Observe the Philippine Election in May

A delegation from the United States, Europe and Asia will watch the Philippines’ first automated elections in May and report their findings to the United Nations and other international bodies, reports the Manilla Standard Today.

The delegation of 18 people who will visit various locations in the Philippines, and they will come from the US, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia and Malaysia.
“There will be 4 Finns and 2 Swedes in the group. And one of the Swedes are a female member of the Swedish parliament,” tells Fave Luck one of the organizers from the group Compact for Peaceful and Democratic Elections.
 The purpose of Compact is to boost voter information for clean and orderly elections.

The foreign observers will be staying for two weeks in several areas in the Philippines.
“Many of the areas were picked based on their long-established records of political violence, entrenched political families, and election cheating,” The organization said in a statement.

The observers will report their findings, provide policy recommendations, and then present the report to the UN, various government institutions and other groups.

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