Thaksin Stayed in Sweden Several Days

Thaksin has been staying in Sweden for several days since he left the UAE. He came on Saturday after the UAE had asked him til leave.
The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirms that Thaksin was visiting Sweden but says he left on Monday evening for an undisclosed destination.
The ministry’s spokesperson Ander Jörle declined, however, to comment on information from Thailand, that he left Sweden on Monday night after Thailand had requested Sweden to ask him to leave.
“We cannot comment on the information from Thailand,” Ander Jörle of the freign ministry said to the Swedish daily Aftonbladet.
Thai media has even reported that he made his videolinked speech to the red shirts in Bangkok from Sweden.
In the past, Thaksin has been many times to Sweden and is a personal good friend of former Prime MInster Goran Persson.

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