Michael Olsson on trial for hurting his assailants

This June was Michael Olsson, a long time resident in Indonesia and Secretary in the Swedish Business Association in Jakarta, assaulted by dozens of knife wielding men while trying to solve a dispute between employees and Eka Dharma, the local Volvo truck dealer in Kalimantan – Indonesian Borneo.
     Olsson, the then temporary MD of Eka, barely survived the cuts and bruises he got while beating himself out of the room where he was attacked.
     Soon he will face trial for hurting the very people that tried to take his life, writes daily newspaper Expressen in its 10 December issue.
     “I have been charged with assault of 35 people but even the authorities realised how unreal that accusation was and the prosecutor is now charging me for beating one of the hooligans in the head with a glass vase,” says Olsson.
     Did you? asks Expressen.
     “No. I fought with my fists.”
     He has been offered to see the case withdrawn if he pays a neat sum of SEK 250 000 and his company another SEK 5 million.
     “No way. Furthermore has Volvo decided to not continue investments at Borneo as it is too dangerous,” says Michael Olsson to Expressen.
     Michael Olsson adds later to Scandasia that he was arrested on Borneo at 4 December and put in house arrest at a local hotel.
     After pressure and support from Sweden’s embassy in Jakarta and business colleagues was Olsson released and allowed to fly back to Jakarta.
     While denying all charges, as well as demands for money, he has however agreed to appear at the trial in Balikpapan 16 December.
     Michael Olsson is now preparing his defence in which he promises to expose a considerable conspiracy and financial blackmailing Eka Dharma has been subjected to.

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