Malaysian Businesswoman Claims She Was Made Sex Slave for 4 Days

A 29-year-old Malaysian businesswoman has claimed that she was made a sex slave for four days.

The victim from Miri has said that she was gang-raped by three friends and was forced to sleep with at least four men before she managed to escape.

She was abducted from a housing estate and was brought to a budget hotel under threat, reports the Star Online.

She even revealed that she overheard one of her friends saying, “Amoi baru” (new girl) over the phone before she was forced to take a spiked drink.

The victim later woke up naked with a stranger next to her. She claimed she was also gang-raped by the three friends.

Two days later, she was brought to another hotel and forced to consume some spiked water and forced to sleep with three more men on different occasions.

The women somehow managed to escape when her three friends were busy on the phone outside the room.

Kuching district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mun Kok Keong told reporters the victim knew all the suspects, and some of them had been interviewed. (ANI)


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