Swede Arrested in Pattaya Over Bt46 Million Embezzlement

A Swedish national accused of having embezzled funds from an unnamed Swedish construction & real estate company has been apprehended in Pattaya on Friday. The arrest comes after a 2 year investigation by Nordic Police (Inter Police) and Thai authorities, reports Pattayadailynews.com.

At the 2nd July approximately 11:00am, Colonel Athitsawit Kamonrat (Chon-Buri Immigration Superintendent) along with a team of officers successfully arrested Mr. Sven Tommy Linddfors [50] in front of the Angket Condominiums in Banglamung, Pattaya.

The apprehension was made after a joint investigation between Nordic Police (Inter Police) and Thai authorities led them to his residence in Pattaya. Mr. Linddfors is wanted over the embezzlement of over 10 million Swedish Crone (Bt46 million) from a listed construction & real estate company based in Nyfors AB, Sweden in 2008.

Blacklisted from entering the Kingdom of Thailand following his arrest for cocaine smuggling in 2002, Mr. Linddfors changed his parents and his own name before fleeing Sweden to reside in Thailand with his Thai wife for the last 2 years. He had also allegedly changed his nationality to Finnish and removed several exposed tattoos that are recorded on both Thai and Sweden’s criminal databases.

Despite Mr. Linddfors attempts to evade capture, Thai Immigration officers from Chon-Buri successfully tracked him and his Thai partner to a residence in Pattaya where he was duly apprehended on Friday morning. Mr. Linddfors has subsequently confessed to the crime of embezzlement whilst the Nordic Police have been contacted as to the success of the investigation.

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