Johanne Treated Gently by the Danish Court

The Danish woman Johanne Vinther Axelsen who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in Cambodia for trying to send thousands of Codeine pills out of Cambodia, has been treated gently by the Danish court in Sønderborg in the Southern Denmark.


The Danish women accepted the suspended sentence of three months in jail with a smile.


”It was a good day in court for Johanne”, her defence lawyer Henrik Hasseris Olesen said to Ritzau after the case was closed.


Johanne Vinther Axelsen, 56, was originally sentenced to 15 years in Cambodian prison for sending 28 envelopes of Codeine pills.


Johanne was released after 22 months in Cambodian jail thanks to Danish pensioner Mikkel Hass who stepped in and donated the 40.000 Danish kroner in cash that the court in Phnom Penh demanded for her release. Mikkel Hass just hopes more Danes would follow his example when countrymen are in trouble abroad.


The 8,000 dollars was the fine, which Johanne Axelsen had to pay before the transfer procedure negotiated between Denmark and Cambodia, could proceed.



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