Chinese Trip Winners Loves Denmark

The two winners of a one-week fairytale trip to Denmark had an unforgettable experience. One states, that now she truly understands why the Danes are “the happiest people in the world”.

Two Chinese citizens answered correctly to questions about Denmark and the Danes in the competition “Knowing Denmark is rewarding”, and were lucky to win first prize; a one-week fairytale trip to Denmark. Now, the winners have come back from their Danish adventure and have both been thrilled with all their experiences among the Danes.

“I love this country! Denmark is so beautiful and it is really like being in a fairytale. Riding a bicycle around Copenhagen was so much fun as there are special roads for bikes and car drivers actually let the cyclists go first! I have decided that I will buy a bike when I go back to Qingdao”, says one of the winners, Ms. Sheng Jie.

Visit to the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and Danish fairytale towns. During their week-long stay in Denmark, the winners visited a number of historic Danish castles, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and small fairytale towns in the green countryside. They also went bicycling in the Danish capital Copenhagen and on the carbon neutral island of Samsø.

“In the historic streets of Copenhagen I tried to imagine what it was like living here hundreds of years ago. There are so many beautiful castles, both in the heart of the city and in the beautiful green countryside. We also visited a Danish family and it was fantastic to experience how happy and trouble-free they all are. I now see why the Danes are called the happiest people in the world”, Ms. Sheng Jie says.

The competition “Knowing Denmark is rewarding” was organised by the Embassy of Denmark in Beijing. If you would like to travel to Denmark, please visit the Visa Application Centre website.

If you wish to receive the latest news about Denmark, you can also subscribe to the news from the Embassy of Denmark in Beijing.

Ms. Sheng Jie together with Danish recycling expert Ms. Birthe Holmboe at the carbon neutral island Samsø.



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