Sumatran Tiger Cub Born in Sweden

For the first time in history a Sumatran tiger cub has been born in a Swedish zoo in Eskilstuna, a few hours south of Stockholm. The Sumatran tiger is one of the most endangered tiger species and only about 300 wild tigers remain in the world.

The two tigers, the only Sumatran tigers in Sweden, Tornado and Bagus had a cub about two weeks ago, which is a huge event for both us and the tigers, Helena Olsson, from Parken Zoo said in a press release.

The cub, which will likely be named Wayan or “the firstborn” in accordance with Balinese tradition, appears to be in good health and opened its eyes only a few days ago. It has even ventured out on its own a few times but is under constant surveillance of mother Tornado.


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