Wacky Drummer Plays With Everything

Danish drummer Kalle Mathiesen is a little unorthodox. He doesn’t just play the drums, he often beats them violently with his fists. He’s also been known to use all sorts of objects, such as fly swatters, while playing.

At his performance last night at the Denmark Pavilion, Mathiesen even used toy ducks to make some wonderful “noises.”

He started with a pair of drum sticks, but he broke them rather quickly into the performance.

The show was part of his world tour, where the percussionist is trying to communicate how music is made.

“You get an idea from everything around you, and you pick up everything to make music,” said the percussionist, who was 10 when he decided he wanted to be a drummer.

Mathiesen said the craziest thing he has ever done was punch the drums so hard with his fists that he broke a finger while performing in Copenhagen, his hometown.

“The bone was visible and I was bleeding on the drums,” Mathiesen said. “But I didn’t know it as I was so focused on the music. Then someone in the audience stood up and told me to stop.”

He said he usually performs along streets in his leisure time to see how people react.

“Many people in Copenhagen know me well as they will say, ‘Hey, that’s the noisy guy playing all day long’,” Mathiesen said.

The 36 year old said the drum and the voice are the two things that can turn the whole world into a musical stage.

“You can play a drum everywhere. Just pick up something to hit it and bring out your emotions” he said.

Mathiesen said he used a broom at one show in China, shocking the audience.

His fans range from babies who clap their hands while he plays to elderly women.



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