Dane Dies After Brawling in Pattaya

A Danish man, Lars Toft Jensen, died Tuesday at the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, after he engaged in figth with two or three English men. writes the Danish tabloid Ekstrabladet.dk

The Danish paper writes the story about an almost innocent Dane, who just arrived from Denmark with his Thai wife and their three weeks old baby.

The main purpose was to show the Thai family the new “wonder” kid.

Sunday evening, according to Ekstrabladet.dk, The Danish regular in Pattaya had a brawl with two English men, who brutally knocked the Dane down. Later the socalled victim went to his room. The next morning he was unconcius, and was brougth to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, where he was declared dead Tuesday late afternoon local time.

According to the paper two English men has been arrested for the murder.

As Scandasia.com understands it, there is much more to the story.

Sunday evening Lars Toft Jensen was on a bar run in Soi Diana In in Pattaya, a street with several “Danish” bar owned or used by Danes.

At On Bar in Soi Diana Inn in Pattaya, a bar with cosy music and girls for sale, the Dane who owned the pub Pub 37 in the small town of Ølstykke in Denmark, got into a loud and violent brawl with two english men.

The police was called. Peacemaking was taking care of. Everybody smiled. The Danish Pub owner said goodbye to everybody. Even to the two English men.

Then he came back, and according to relaiable sources, he knocked one of the English men down from behind. Then the english guy who was still standing knocked the Dane down from behind too.

Lars Toft Jensen hit his head to the floor, got up and left.

But the Father of a three weeks old baby did not call it a nigth.

As Scandasia.com understands it, the Dane carried on with his bar run. Later he went to his room, where he, according to releiable sources, was beaten up and robbed by three thais.

It hasn’t been possible to confirm that story though.

Among many Danes in Pattaya the story carry a touch of mysteri.

Why hasn’t there been any stories about the case in one or more news outlets inn the reel sins city? What is holdning the news back?


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