Cooperation in Clean Technology

As one of the leading countries in the field of clean production, Finland has become an important partner of many countries, including Vietnam.

 Finland has strength in clean technology, especially technology for waste water treatment and renewable energy. In addition, the country is famous for achievements in sustainable rural and urban development and comprehensive environmental measurement and management, air pollution control and water conservation. Finnish clean technology companies have occupied leading positions in the fields of biological energy, clean industry process and efficient energy use.

Since 2000, according to the Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators of the World Economic Forum, Finland has ranked first among 146 countries in the fields of sustainable development three times.

The Cleantech Finland Organization is a convenient gateway for clients, partners, investors and shareholders all over the world to access clean technology. There are about 2,000 companies operating in the field of clean technology in Finland. The country is striving to turn clean technology into a key industry.

According to experts, Vietnam is one of ten countries which are suffering from the serious affects of climate change. Aware of the situation, Vietnam has paid special attention to efficient energy use, and cooperation with Finland in the fields of energy and clean technology. This relationship has played an important role in Vietnam’s strategies in clean technology and energy development in the future.

According to Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, cooperation and assistance of Finland will make a positive contribution in the Vietnam’s implementation of national programs related to climate change and the environmental protection. In addition, Finish businesses will help Vietnamese businesses to apply clean technology to production for sustainable development.

Anni Sinmemakin, the Finnish Minister of Labor said that at present, Finnish clean technology companies are seeking Vietnamese partners to deal with the environmental and energy challenges that Vietnam is facing. The country hopes for deeper cooperation with Vietnamese companies in the fields of energy and the environment such as management of waste water, renewable energy, efficient energy use, water and waste water treatment and clean products.

Pietro Karjalainen, the Finnish commercial counselor in Vietnam, emphasized that Finland is trying to establish tighter cooperation between the two countries’ businesses. Cooperation with Finnish companies will create employment and bring advanced technologies, management experience and models to Vietnamese companies.

Furthermore, Vietnam has imperative demand for efficient energy use technology. The fact that Finnish clean technology companies are seeking for Vietnamese partners to deal with environmental and energy problems that confront Vietnam will create good opportunities for the country to gain experience and utilize advanced technology. Santtu Hulkkonen, the management director of Cleantech Finland, said that cooperation in terms of technology and sustainable environmental methods has been discussed by the two sides.

He also expressed his happiness at the two promotion of cooperation between the two countries. An agreement on energy and environmental cooperation in the Mekong (Cuu Long) Delta signed on August 17, 2010 was a clear proof of the improved cooperation between the two countries. The agreement will give financial support for businesses to carry out their projects. On September 7, 2010, the Vietnam National Chemical Group and the Finnish Kemira Group approved a memorandum on seeking a suitable chemical for industrial and urban waste water treatment.

Vietnam has rich potential in renewable energy and clean energy such as wind power and solar power, and Finnish companies have affirmed that they are ready to cooperate and share experience with Vietnam in the development of clean energies and efficient exploitation of renewable energies such as wind power, solar power and biogas.


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