Danish Businessman Arrested in Thailand

The Danish national Carsten August, who runs a small business in the northern part of Jutland in Denmark, was recently arrested in Suvarnabhumi International Airport when he tried to return to Denmark.
The story became public when Carsten August stepfather called nyhederne.tv2.dk.

“When he tried to travel back to Denmark the other day, he was arrested by five plainclothes officers who took his money and passport,” says Jens Meyer Olsen.
According to the stepfather the arrest has its roots in a conflict with a former Thai girlfriend and business partner.
The stepfather tells the Danish news site that the Thai woman has accused her former boyfriend of making some private photos public on the Internet.
According to local authorities the offense can trigger up to five years imprisonment.
Carsten August denies the accusation.
After his arrest the local lawyer of the Dane succeeded in getting him out of jail, although he remains detained. 
He should appear in court on Monday.
Carsten August’s stepfather told nyhederne.tv2.dk. that his stepson and the Thai woman started a business together in a three-storey building with cafe, hairdressing and Thai massage. 
It all ended up in a mess, and the ex-girlfriend sued Carsten August for a large amount of money.
Still according to the stepfather Jens Meyer Olsen, his stepson’s lawyer in Thailand says, the Thai women will carry on demanding more and more money.

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