Finland`s Independence Celebrated in Hanoi

Among the guests were some Vietnamese influencers for example Vietnams former Vice-President, Mrs Nguyen Thi Binh and the Vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, Mr. Dao Viet Trung and many Finnish, who are working in various areas around Vietnam.

in his speech Ambassador pointed out that all of Finland`s 93 years of independence has not been rosy. In this respect, Finland shares the challenges of independence with Vietnam. “It don`t come easy, you have to work for it”, the Ambassador concluded.

 Ambassador also highlighted Finland`s high rankings in several different global measurements. As a crown of victory he mentioned the Newsweek choosing Finland the best country in the world.

 Whatever the measure, they show that Finland works. Following the Finland brand report, that was published a couple of weeks ago, Finland has good grounds becoming the Silicon valley of social innovations and the world problem solving leader, Ambassador predicts.

 At the end of his speech Ambassador invited the audience to shout three times “Eläköön!” (long live ) in honor of Finnish independence, after which the celebrations continued among Finnish-Vietnamese delicacies.


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