Rabies Shots After Thailand Vacation

Last year, 41 persons received preventive treatment for rabies after returning home from Thailand where they had been attacked by mostly dogs and monkeys. The 41 patients represents close to half the cases of all Danes who were suspected of having contracted rabies abroad.
    Among the Danes receiving treatment, one had been bitten by a tiger, another by a rat.

Transmission of rabies happens through penetrating bites, spit and mucous membranes of rabies infected animals. Serum Instituttet in Denmark advices travellers to immediately seek medical attention if they have any suspicion of infection.

100 died in Bali
Three Danes were treated after having been bitten by dogs during their visit to Bali, Indonesia where 100 locals last year died from rabies. The disease was first located on the southern area of Bali but have now spread to the whole island and the nearby island Nusa Penida.

A group of dogs were found infected with rabies in 2008 and the authorities have since then tried to procure enough vaccines for treatments. Also dogs with rabies have been put down and others have been vaccinated. However, there is no restrictions on travelling to Bali.

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