The Arrested Couple Claims Innocence

Sven-Erik Berger, 49 and fiancee Karen Esdrelon, 24 believe witnesses are lying and arguing the police did not allow them to prove their innocence, according to the Norwegian online newspaper, VG Nett.
“We have pictures showing where we were on that day, but the PC and mobile phones are confiscated and the police seems not to be interested,” says Sven-Erik Berger to VG Nett. Both Berger and his fiance have all along maintained their innocence.

Was at a different location
According to police and witnesses the 6 years-old Ellah disappeared between 16 and 17 o´clock Tuesday 8. She was picked up by a white man and a Filipino woman in a car outside Calajoan Elementary School.
    “At the time we were in language school in Cebu City where Karen will begin for these courses,” says Berger.
    The language school is almost an hour’s drive from the site where the six-year-old girl was kidnapped.
    “At 16.10 we came to the school. There, we paid a registration fee and we got the receipt. We met the man who runs the school and his wife, and in addition, several students can tell that we were there”, said Berger.
    According to Berger, the couple was at the language school for about half an hour before they went to a restaurant nearby.
    “We left school around 16:15 and went to the restaurant Family Choice. We had an early lunch and actually let the waiter take a picture of us there, they are also on the PC that is seized”, says Berger.

120 percent sure
The defense, Salvotor Solimar have no doubt that the couple is innocent, he says to VG Nett:
“I am 120 percent sure they are innocent, witnesses have appointed the wrong people. If the police wanted to they could have confirmed that Sven-Erik and Karen could not have been on the scene.”

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