B2B Project Helps Cleaning Water

The Danish company Centre for Recirculation and its Chinese partner Beijing Jingpuyuan Bio-engineering Co. Ltd have been working on several waste water treatment projects in different provinces in China.

With the support of the Danish government’s B2B environmental programme, which is managed by the Danish Embassy in Beijing, the two partners have established a joint venture – Beijing Sen Miao Tian Cheng Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. Also the Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) has invested in the joint venture.

During the last few years the B2B programme has provided financial support to help with knowledge transfer of the Center for Recirculation’s water purification system – called Planted Filter Purification – to the local partner.

This technology has now been used in several rural areas in China to clean waste water and reduce energy consumption and CO2. Technology has also been transferred to secure knowledge and skills regarding maintenance to local labour force and improved the hygiene conditions of the villages and water for reservoirs.

The two companies will continue the good cooperation and joint venture, as the Danish embassy’s involvement in the project will be finalized in February 2011.


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